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After 2 years in development and several team riders input we created the Tako cage pedal. A unique cage and body design optimises grip and strength for these super grippy pedals.

Starting with the body design we machine 2 grub screws in the center of the body meaning your feet grip from 4 contact points rather then the 3 usual points you see on all other cage pedals.

The outside "teeth" on the cage have been machined approx 2mm lower allowing you to exit the pedal quicker if needed.

The cages Unique shape is not just for aesthetics, For many talented riders you may find on severe side hopes your feet rolling over and the teeth on the outside digging into your little toe. The shape of the cage has been con-caved to stop this happening as much.

The final piece of design was to make sure that the bodies are compatible with MG-1 Axles, This is really helpful if you already have Titanium axles already or thinking of upgrading in the future. 

Super silky smooth bearings keeps them running for longer. 

 Cage width (Widest point): 100mm
 Cage length (Longest point): 85mm
 Cage depth (Thinnest point): 17mm
 Cage depth (Thickest point): 27mm
 Cage material thickness: 2mm

Weight: 360g


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